About Us

How we grew into what we are today.

The beginning

freelancer.delphifan.com was created in 2018 by a computing student and an entrepreneur. At the

beginning, Freelance group made available the best contractors through a sale team of self-employed

managers. This innovative model quickly seduces a large pool of companies and organisations.

More flexibility, no compromise on security

In a world were everything move fast, traditional worker-company relastionships are less and less adapted. This is why we want to help companies to access easily and quickly to the freelancer community, and that, in a safe and cost efficient manner.

An essential, expert and engaged workforce

Self-employed workers can only rely on their kwnow-how and client satisfaction to guarentee their revenue. That is why, they represent a broader range of skills than any structured organisation. For all those reasons, they form an inevitable pool, available starting today.

Our Timeline

Our Story told in a few lines.

We work hard to build a great product that is beautifully designed, simple to use, user friendly with great focus on user experience and customer service.

Our Team

Our Brilliant and Harworking Team.

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